A prototype version of OASIS-DB is up and running, go to the official OASIS website and follow the link to test it:


(direct link to the development  version and access to various files)


This version is only a very early prototype. For now, the main focus was to adapt OASIS to the requirements of OASIS-DB. In particular, ocsigen brings additional constraints because the library is used at the same time by many users. For example, it implies to replace Str by Pcre for regular expression because the later is thread safe.

The login is connected to a stub so that everyone can login without password. OASIS-DB will use forge.ocamlcore.org authentification in a future version but this will also restrict access.

There is still a lot of things to do, but you can:

  • upload a tarball with or without _oasis file,
  • download a tarball from its original location or directly on OASIS-DB,
  • browse available packages,
  • render _oasis files using a subset Markdown for description (thanks to Mauricio Fernandez for this part)

OASIS-DB is  a CPAN for OCaml. It is developped by OCamlCore, with support from the OCaml enthusiasts at Jane Street.

More information about OASIS and more precisely about OASIS-DB.

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