OCamlCore SARL is now out-of-business.

If you are looking for a company providing OCaml services, please visit the the OCaml.org website

OCamlCore helps its customers use Open Source and OCaml software.

The decision to build OSS environments to be used on a daily basis shouldn’t be driven only by cost. Even if OSS is competitive, daily users may not wish to spend time on a complex set up or on fixing bugs. On the contrary, some companies with highly skilled technicians may want to have a fully tuneable software that will perfectly match their needs, even if it takes more time to set up.

Beginning with a precise study of what is needed and with what our clients’ users can handle, OCamlCore knows what its clients need, without burdening them with extraneous details. We then select the best OSS products to suit our customers and their user needs, with a preference for OCaml software.

Typical steps in a consulting project:

  • Customer requirements about technical and financial points
  • User interviews about their needs
  • Domain analysis (OSS, OCaml and Proprietary Source Software)
  • Delivering a report with a prototype

Based on the first report and prototype, we can do a second round to further refine customer needs.