OCamlCore SARL is now out-of-business.

If you are looking for a company providing OCaml services, please visit the the OCaml.org website

OSIToday Open Source software is everywhere: from your DSL modem to your computer’s motherboard (e.g. Asus Express Gate). This trend is growing every year.

Open Source operating systems, like Debian, have become a real alternative to Microsoft Windows. This feat has been achieved by more than 1000 developers working over a 10 year period, all on their free time. And it is available for everyone, free of charge.

But managing Open Source systems is a skill. It is hard to enter the world of Open Source without prior knowledge of it, because it involves more than a short term participation in a community. Becoming a part of this world is a long term project.

OCamlCore is active in the Open Source community and can help you interact in it.

Typical projects where OCamlCore employees help or are the core team, include:

OCamlCore also sponsors the yearly OCaml Meeting ([1], [2]). This is a meeting of OCaml users in France.


The Caml Language


Presentation of OCaml in Debian at OCaml Meeting 2008, by S. Le Gall from OCamlCore


Open Source user testimonies:

I think the work you’ve done in organising OCamlCore.org is very admirable!, Arlen Cuss, 2010-10-12