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Is OCaml the new "ultimate language"?

There are a lot of ultimate programming languages around:  C#, Java, C++, COBOL and Fortran. Every new programming language comes with its own strengths and flaws. The perfect programming language has not yet arrived.

However, OCaml brings a new approach to programming that fulfills today’s requirements:

  • It is terse. 10 lines of code are worth 30 lines of Java/C#
  • It runs fast. The native compilation matches performance of low-level C code and it uses a top of the line garbage collector
  • It is designed for fast-prototyping. The release cycle is half the length of a similar project in Java
  • It features extra tests at compile-time. It uses static typing, with no cost at runtime
  • It can embed C code for the most demanding applications

Further information:

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