OCamlCore SARL is now out-of-business.

If you are looking for a company providing OCaml services, please visit the the OCaml.org website

Using OCaml and Agile method, OCamlCore is able to produce high quality software with a quick release cycle.

We focus on our customers’ needs to quickly deliver a first prototype application. Once we finish with this step, we again analyze the problem with our customers and their users. This helps to refine the needs and the real nature of our customers’ requirements. We continue this cycle of prototype/discussion until our customers are fully satisfied.

Once this cycle is finished, our customers can decide the future of the final product:

  • Directly use the software
  • Integrate the software into a wider system
  • Migrate the software to a more general programming language

OCamlCore recommend the first two solutions. But we are also able to provide several solutions to migrate and integrate our OCaml software into our customers’ environment:

  • Embed OCaml directly into the target language, as a C library
  • Use OCaml application As A Service, by running its own process
  • Compile OCaml to be directly used in Java Virtual Machine
  • Rewrite the code into another programming language (Java/C/C++)

Project example:

A client asked OCamlCore to create a custom application to sort and process a huge amount of flat data (>100GB). A commercial competitor already existed and was considered to be the fastest available solution. This other product has been available for 10 years and uses the C programming language.

After 6 months, OCamlCore delivered a product as fast as the competing one. The software uses a custom programming language, which gives it a very flexible data manipulation scheme.

Possible projects:

  • Create an IDE for OCaml or related software
  • Port your software from Linux to Windows or from Windows to Linux
  • Create a website using Ocsigen